How Much And Which Organ Should I Feed My Dog?

If you feed a raw diet to your dog, you must know that it is not just meat, but also organs that form a major part of it. In fact, the internal organs of animals like cattle, sheep, chicken, and duck are packed with Vitamin A, B, D, E, and minerals like phosphorus, zinc, and iron.

They can not form the entire diet of your dog, and thus need to be balanced. Having 3% liver in a dog’s diet is enough. But the liver is high in Vitamin A. So, feeding it in excess will impede the absorption and assimilation of Vitamin D3 and Zinc which are very important for a dog. 

You can also feed kidney and spleen, especially to a puppy as it is rich in iron and helps in their development.

Each dog has a different nutrient requirement according to their breed, age, lifestyle, and other such factors. To get a personalized nutrition plan for your dog, click here

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