White Boiled Rice And Wet Food: Does That Make For A Good Everyday Meal?

Rice is a popular food, easily available, and quick to prepare. But can you feed it to your dog? A lot of dog owners give rice to their dogs when they have an upset stomach because rice is easy to digest. Given in moderation or as a treat, rice is still suitable.

But white rice is high in starch and can lead to inflammation. Their high glycemic load will lead to sugar spikes in the blood as well as metabolic disorders. Instead, you should go for foods that are gluten-free and have a low glycemic index. Some of these are brown rice, quinoa, and millets. You can also add a lot of vegetables to make it more nutritious.

When it comes to package gravy or wet food, you must try to use it in minimum quantities since even you would not consume packaged food every day.

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