Can I Feed Mutton To My Dog?

Dogs are omnivores, that is they can eat vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian diets. However, when it comes to feeding them a vegetarian diet alone, balancing all the required nutrients can be a little tricky. This is where a meat diet comes into play. 

There are a lot of meat options available like beef, pork, chicken, organs, mutton. All of them have their own pros and cons. When it comes to feeding mutton to your dog, you can definitely go ahead. 

But at the same time, also remember that mutton has heating protein which can cause inflammation. To balance the same you will have to give something neutral or cooling to your dog. Duck is an example of cooling protein. 

To stay healthy, your dog needs a balanced diet that is full of all the important nutrients that they require. If your dog’s diet and health are some things that bother you, don’t worry! We, at Sploot, have experts who can help you with a personalized nutrition plan for your dog. Get your plan now!

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